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INFJ Woman


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Hi there, Sarah here! I’m the writer and creator of this book: 10,000 Followers. You may also know me from INFJ Woman and The Quiet Ones podcast.

I wrote this book for you, to give you an inside track on how to grow your Instagram account quickly and authentically. 

I studied marketing in college and have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing in the workplace. I’ve done all kinds of marketing from print to digital to email to social media. I have worked in professional sports, technology, nonprofit and entertainment.

I’ve worked with budgets of over $10M to next to no budget at all. My Instagram account was built with an ad budget of about $100 in 6 months. That’s not $100 a month or a week. That’s $100 total.

The most effective form of marketing that I have learned came from an unusual source: my hobby. I turned a private board on my personal Pinterest account into a profitable coaching business that inspires women daily. You can see it here: INFJ Woman. My Instagram account grew from zero followers to over 10,000 in less than 5 months and to over 50,000 in about a year. 

Let me tell you the secret to my success: radical empathy. Marketing is not about selling. It’s about understanding your customers and connecting with them. It’s about telling them your story so well that they will be inspired by it and will come to you.

It’s the same thing for Instagram. Sure, there are several other things that will help, that are listed in this book, but the most important thing is connecting with your followers.

I can help you do that. Let’s go!

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